About Us

Results Unlimited, Inc. offers our clients an array of sales training solutions and sales management consulting services. Our philosophy is simple: People are a company’s most valuable resource. By developing people, organizations can gain both competitive advantage and sustain marketplace differentiation.

Our Mission

To exceed our client’s expectations by providing a measurable, return-on-your-training investment by providing turnkey processes, services, and sales management tools that:

  • Increase top line revenues
  • Enhance profit margins
  • Gains market share
  • Improves sales efficiencies
  • Increases internal / external communication effectiveness


Our Principles

Our business and client interaction is based on three guiding principles:

#1 To honor God in all we do.

We seek to recognize the dignity, worth and potential of each individual we interact with. This objective challenges us to have a commitment to the truth and deliver what we have committed to.

#2 To help people grow and develop.

Results Unlimited, Inc. and our team is an organization that is continually growing and improving. Work is an opportunity to contribute and develop. We believe in enabling people to be even more successful. Through our track record of success and years of experience we provide ideas, process and tools that enhances productivity, earnings and self-respect.

#3 To pursue excellence.

We are committed to the principal of continuous, incremental improvement. Every interaction with a customer we must add value for that individual. Pursuing excellence doesn’t mean we won’t make errors, rather it means we must work at understanding our customer’s:

  • Needs and expectations
  • Unique business culture
  • Strategies and objectives
  • Need for a positive ROI

Our Proposition

Since 1990, our customers have recognized us a preferred training partner because of the value of our training programs we provide. Defining value is an individual pursuit; two common themes are echoed from our clients:

1. Our business model creates value

Our unique business model is seen by many as a cost effective alternative to larger and more traditional training organizations. Our in-house team of professionals and our strategic relationships provide world-class sales management consulting and training solutions. We offer a broad range of experience, unparalleled expertise and delivery capabilities that are more robust than that of a small independent consultant. Combining resources we have interacted with over 95,000 participants worldwide.ggg

2. Our vision is in alignment with creating value

One universal challenge in today’s performance-based marketplace is how organizations gain and maintain competitive advantage. The cornerstone of effective leadership today is the development of the organization’s most important asset, their employees. Development means more than just hiring the right people, it means creating the right tools, processes and environment for individuals to continually improve.

Common vision, language and operating standards are mission critical today. Making continuous incremental improvement a part of every daily process leads to marketplace differentiation and sustained competitive advantage. With this in mind, Results Unlimited, Inc. provides an integrated platform for organizational learning.