ASSET: Advanced Save Skills Excellence Training

ASSET: Advanced Save Skills Excellence Training

Today’s customers are tough, demanding and quick to change providers it not satisfied. It is estimated that organizations typically lose 50% of their customers every five years. Some customers will leave because of non-controllable events, others will leave because of some perceived competitive advantage. Research has proven the majority of customers leave because of poor customer care.

How you will benefit

  • Improve sales and profits by reducing customer “churn”.
  • Recognize and overcome customer anger by listening and diffusing anger through empathy.
  • Gain control by earning the right to ask questions.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by applying the six step retention process.
  • Learn to prepare for the demanding customer by proactively negotiating and overcome the customer’s “automatic resistance”.

Who should attend?

Management and front line customer care professionals who need to develop the interpersonal skills necessary to “save” or retain customers.

Logistics and Notes

This highly interactive program is fully customizable and available in either a full day session or 2-day version depending on the organization’s needs.