Our Approach


The Power of Process:

Insight, Integration, Improvement


Our objective is simple: to help our client’s gain and sustain a competitive advantage by providing world class training solutions. Superior training and on-going support can make average employees into extraordinary achievers.

It starts by understanding you! Your vision, company and marketplace. We learn about your people, processes and products by conducting a detail, in-depth study of your company. Our Training Needs Assessment is a comprehensive study of what makes your organization unique. Our experience allows us to identify critical areas of improvement for maximizing performance improvements.

  • Executive Alignment
  • Field Alignment
  • Gap Assessment
  • Curriculum Design
  • Written Findings
  • Review & Approval
  • Customized Solutions


Our team of professionals are committed to providing world-class, contemporary sales management solutions that drive results. We offer a broad range of experience, unparalleled expertise and delivery capabilities in the training industry.

We are committed at exceeding your expectations by providing exceptional service and delivering sales management training solutions that have a bottom line impact. Our true measure of success is helping each client build and sustain competitive advantage. Within the training and development industry lies a spectrum of choices and approaches. Many companies offer the “standard” solution approach. It’s the “one- size-fits- all” mentality. Unwilling to invest in understanding your culture and unable to customize their curriculum, they mass market a generic application. Unlike most custom training organizations, we don’t take months and millions to design your application. We are the leader in customizable, turnkey training, or CTT. Results Unlimited, Inc. provides proven turnkey processes; curriculum and delivery customized to your specific needs, industry and culture. We do this in a cost effective, timely manner.

The Process

The objective in our sales management solutions is to understand past training, current needs and future objectives. We are committed to investing the time and effort needed to understand your organization. The process is comprised of four key steps:our_team

1. Training Needs Assessment

  • Alignment
  • Assessment & Analysis
  • Acknowledgement & Approval

2. Calibration of Performance

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Calibration of Metrics
  • Pre / Post Program Assessment

3. Design & Customization

  • Adult Learning Principles
  • Holistic Design
  • Integration of Corporate Metrics
  • Building Block Learning
  • Written Documentation

4. Delivery, Support & Reinforcement

  • Integrated Learning
  • Professional
  • Timely & Targeted