PRO-QuEST: Consultative Selling Skills

PRO-QuEST: Consultative Selling Skills

The Foundation for High-Performance Selling

The quest in today’s highly competitive marketplace is having our sales teams create value, differentiation and long term relationships with the right customers. Organizational competitive advantage is gained when sales people consistently apply a consultative sales approach and process. Sales teams who master this process gain additional margin, market share and enhance client satisfaction.

How you will benefit

  • Discover the power of continuous, incremental improvement and how to apply this principle for on-going growth and success.
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and attitude to build long lasting, profitable relationships.
  • Distinguish the profiles of typical buyers and learn how to align your product/service with the buyer’s highest needs.
  • Learn the process of having your prospects, “self-discover” key needs and wants.
  • Increase the prospects motivation and action by recognizing the effectiveness of “painting mental pictures”.
  • Improve close ratios by proactively reducing objections and resistance.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in developing the skills to improve sales performance and profit growth within their organization.

Logistics and Notes

This high energy, interactive and experiential seminar is a must for organizations committed to sales improvement. Recognized internationally as the “standard” for developing consultative based sales teams, this program is customizable to your industry and specific needs.

Programs are typically 2 or 2½ days in duration with both an advanced version for highly experienced teams and a foundational version for new sales teams.