STAR-QuEST: Strategic, Targeted, Account Review

STAR-QuEST: Strategic, Targeted, Account Review

Creating Competitive Advantage

This strategic sales program is designed to take your major account team to the next level in performance. STAR-QuEST delivers measurable results through a comprehensive strategy assessment, targeted account application and focused actions.

How you will benefit

  • Understand the fundamentals of sales excellence.
  • Define your organizations unique value proposition.
  • Compare your value proposition to your competition by performing a market assessment.
  • Develop an ideal customer profile.
  • Learn to get “higher and wider” within your target accounts by uncovering the “C-Level” (CEO, CFO, CIO).
  • Recognize the Complex Buying team involved in your account.
  • Manage and gain strategic advantage by uncovering the Buying Team.
  • Differentiate and distinguish your value proposition by packaging your message in a winning proposal.
  • Improve negotiation skills to gain competitive advantage and unique vale.

Who should attend?

Seasoned sales professionals and management involved in major account selling.

Logistics and Notes

This program is typically 2 or 2½ days in duration and is customizable to your specific application.