Why Us


Why Results Unlimited Inc.?

Professional Sales, Retention and Sales Management Solutions

By combining and leveraging our experience and expertise with key strategic partners, our training solutions have impacted the lives of 95,000+ people around the world. Globally we have earned the respect, trust and loyalty of our clients because we offer:

  • A track record of success in increasing client satisfaction, market share and profits.
  • A robust professional sales training model that is applicable to all managers, supervisors and customer care reps regardless of tenure, experience or industry.
  • Professional sales management training programs that contain support material for ongoing review and reinforcement.
  • Proven sales training programs delivered by sales management experts.


Globally we’ve earned the respect, trust and loyalty of our clients because we offer:

  • An integrated customer care platform. (Sales / Retention / Supervisory / Customer Care)
  • Vendor support with extensive knowledge and vertical market experience that provides innovative approaches to sales, customer care and retention.
  • Common customer care language, process and expectations.
  • High energy customized workshops that not only improve skills but also develops the leadership attributes of all participants.
  • Proven experience in improving employee retention, reducing turnover and increasing employee morale.

(10) Key Questions to Evaluate Professional Sales Training


1. How is the training model applicable to all; managers, account executives and client services members, etc.?

A robust training model is important to insure the use of a common language and common process since many people “touch” the customer. If the model is too narrow, certain business units may not “buy-in” to the language and process. Common language enables effective sales coaching, self-analysis and team selling.

2. Describe the professional sales training platform? Is it specific to field sales or is it integrated into a broader application.

Training solutions should embrace ideas, concepts and process that are universal not only to the sales and management teams, but to major account teams, client services groups, retention and customer care teams. Training must address the specifics of selling, the customer channel and the nuances of your industry and needs to be packaged in such a manner to include life applications. We are all salespeople, we sell everyday! Will the key ideas and processes help me in everyday life?

3. Describe the sales methodology used in the training program.

Effective training encompasses a comprehensive look at the process, strategies and tactics from initial contact through securing the order through delivering the results. Customer focused sales methodology using the consultative sales process is key in working with more sophisticated buyers and complex buying teams.

4. Share with me how customizable is the content of the program? Is this a standard off-the- shelf application or will it be developed from scratch?

Both customizable and standard applications have benefits and drawbacks. Standard applications tend to be very generic in design and concept. Custom training tends to take a long time and a significant investment to develop. Turnkey training is the best of both worlds, customized, timely and affordable.

5. Describe the adult learning principles used to deliver the content.

Successful salespeople demand hands on, experiential learning. Classroom / lecture type sales training is relevant if it is filled with exercises, key points and learning exchanges designed for adults. Is there action mapping and a detailed implementation plan? What deliverables will the participants walk away with?

6. Share with me the background and experience of the facilitator(s).

Facilitation skills and credibility gained from personal experience is mission critical in delivering adult education. Sales facilitation and coaching must be timely, topical and done with professionalism and passion, as front line employees understand the dynamics of working with customers. Corporate trainers earning $40,000 typically don’t have the credibility with tenured sales executives accustom to working with either senior executives or in the rapid fire B2C (business-to-consumer) environment.

7. Describe the major account development skills the participants will learn?

Sales training involving major account selling should include skill building for the following areas:

  • Understanding change management
  • Defining the organization’s value proposition
  • Profiling the ideal customer
  • Performing a marketplace assessment
  • Differentiating through a competitive assessment
  • Implementing strategies for getting to the senior level
  • Assessing negotiation strategies
  • Learning to write effective proposals
  • Identifying and assessing the complex buying team
  • Improving strategy by the assessment process
  • Detailing an implementation planning
  • Executing a personal action map

8. From a vendor's perspective, describe your knowledge and vertical market experience?

This includes not only the experience of the facilitator but also the experience of the vendor. How much experience does the vendor have in sales? How much experience does the vendor have in this channel of sales? (Strategic, Major Account, B2B, Field Sales) Do they know the nuances of your channel?

9. Describe how you support and provide for on-going follow up and review?

Effective training is not a onetime event but rather an on-going process. In addition to this proposed program, how many additional or advanced programs are there? Is there toll free support available? What about consulting and assessment services? What about sales management and development, are these type programs also available?

10. Share with me why we should do business with your company?

There are many organizations with sales experience that mistakenly label their organization as a “training & development” company. Time, experience and a track record of success are important when partnering on such a strategic initiative as employee development.


Note: When evaluating training companies, Results Unlimited, Inc. and our customizable, turnkey solutions scores a “10” on the above criteria.