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Coaching and Developing Top Sales Performers.

Top sales performers are born that way – they intuitively know what to say and do and – well, they are instinctive superstars!

#1 popular myth about salespeople

But, it's not necessarily so! There is nothing “natural” about becoming a world-class sales rep. The best became the best by listening to their coaches and mentors, opening their minds to new schools of thought, and working hard at their jobs. According to research from Miller Heiman, the best sales reps:

  • Prepare for their sales calls

  • Plan their approach for targeting clients on calls

  • Have a standard process in place for reviewing opportunities

None of these are natural-born behaviors.

Harvard Business Review delved further into the behaviors of top salespeople. Their surveys of thousands of top salespeople at leading companies identified the following characteristics:

  1. 91% of top salespeople had medium to high scores of modesty and humility

  2. 85% had high levels of conscientiousness – a strong sense of duty and reliability

  3. 84% scored very high in achievement orientation, continuously measuring their performance against their goals

  4. 82% scored extremely high in curiosity levels, with the tendency to ask questions to gather information and close the sale

My Sales Coach

Behavioral psychologists say we can understand people by observing their behavior. We utilize the best tools on the planet to measure behavior. So – if we know the behaviors of top performers in our sales team, according to the countless studies and results, then we can create a coaching plan to elevate the average performer to superstar status!

How, then, does a manager coach an employee to become a top performer? The manager uses Behavioral Datapoints, A Job Assessment (Job Target), and our Coaching Guide to:

  • Identify the behavioral patterns of top performers from the Behavioral Assessment Data

  • Measure these behaviors against the ideal behavioral pattern from the Job Assessment (Target)

  • Identify differences between the average sales performer and top performers

  • Create group analytics to determine gaps between the average and top sales performer

  • Create a Coaching Guide for the average performer to elevate them to a top performer

  • Coach the average performer, set goals, guide them, and provide ongoing feedback

Managers can have the tools to build a team of top performers, in sales or any other department, by using the solutions offered by Results Unlimited to develop employees.

Coaching for top salespeople

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