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When faced with the decision of what services and products we choose to sell in the marketplace, our options are seemingly unlimited. In the world's complex matrix of goods and services, we desire for our services to meet three basic criteria:



Essential to Success

Marketplace products and services can be categorized into two broad categories: needs and wants. At Results Unlimited, we fit perfectly into the needs category, and because of that, we feel we can be a substantial asset to our clients.



Affordable and Intelligent

In a society where making unwise financial decisions has become an epidemic, our goal is to offer our products and services at a cost that does not enslave our customers and meets budgets.




While we endeavor to meet a need at an affordable price, we refuse to do so at the expense of quality. We desire to offer excellence and create proud customers. We consider this to be equally vital in building true value.



We believe that this model will work for any business that has the heart to change lives for the better.

Engaged Employees


Excellence is not to be confused with perfection, but it does refer to doing the best we can with our gifts and God-given abilities. We commit to leading by example and delivering the best in all that we do. A person who strives for excellence does not give up when he or she makes a mistake and does not avoid a task for fear of failure. Excellence does not evolve between good and bad, but between good and great and in big and small tasks alike.




So many hours of our days are spent in the workplace—and we want those hours to matter, and we want to find meaning and purpose in our work. It takes courage to show up with your whole self, to risk sharing your story, your ideas, to risk being wrong, to be honest, and to learn new skills. At Results Unlimited we want to honor the individual journeys of each team member. As a company, we will take the courage to create a culture where people can truly flourish. We boldly go against the status quo and try new ways of "being and doing" at work. Collective courage is what we need most—people working together with integrity, commitment, and a capacity to cross lines of difference. Without such courage, we risk missing a chance to make things better.




We will commit to keeping our word and taking responsibility for our actions and words. We will be trustworthy with our team members, our clients, our vendors, and our community at large. When we stand up and take responsibility for our actions in a sincere and humble way, everyone wins. A team that can smile, laugh and extend courtesies to others really does build trust and dependability.




Each of us should look not only to our own interests but also to the interests of others. Unity is a product of love. We will look for ways to look out for each other. We are not asking that our team members love the company like they might love their family or a close friend, but we are asking everyone to treat others well in their actions with kindness and respect. Love is not a feeling; it is an action, and it is done through genuine compassion for others.



There's something that's woven throughout every organization that is somewhat abstract, typically unspoken, but often very observable. While not easy to capture or describe, it is a powerful force that guides most decisions and actions within an organization. This force is culture.

Culture is defined as the collective behavior of those within an organization, formed by shared beliefs, habits, systems, values, and vision. Operating largely outside of our awareness, culture creates a common ground for team members, providing a sense of order so that everyone knows what's expected.

At Results Unlimited, we are committed to intentionally shaping and maintaining a healthy culture in which our mission can be most successfully accomplished. While many characteristics are involved, there are four core characteristics (cornerstones) that are foundational: excellence, honesty, courage, and love.

Because we're human, we each fall short in these areas consistently, so we must extend grace to one another.  However, each team member is expected to be fully engaged as we intentionally strive toward these cultural cornerstones. Success does not necessarily mean an absence of mistakes, but it does mean the presence of consistent faith and determination.



While we're not big fans of self-promotion, we believe it's important you know who we are, what we stand for, what we value, and what drives us.


We equip organizations with the tools and knowledge to become measurably better; that's what we do. We've been blessed with certain abilities and a passion for gathering resources, adding some organization, sprinkling in some diligence and hard work, and creating something that did not exist before. This not only describes what we do but who we are.


We are explorers - at times even pioneers - as we often venture into uncharted territory. Creating something new and changing lives requires faith and courage, and we believe that we've been blessed with both.


At Results Unlimited, we are creating every day. Whether It's designing a customized sales training program, the culture in which we operate, or deepening the vast relationships we enjoy along the way, we commit to striving for excellence in all we do. Our continued focus is that we are able to use our gifts and passions to help others.

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